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This is an email based course. The course works on a simple schedule and you will need to expect week-daily emails with accompanying assignments; keep your eyes peeled and your inbox ready! Please add to your address list to avoid losing your assignments to the ‘spam’ folder. For those using gmail, please have a look at your promotion tab as emails can easily be misplaced.


Monday: New Topic

Tuesday: New Topic

Wednesday: New Topic

Thursday: New Topic

Friday: Revision and Refinement

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest


You do not have to follow this schedule in your own practice, but please stay on top of the work as it is easy to get left behind. Each assignment will take 20 - 40min to complete, though those times vary from choreographer to choreographer.  I will guide you through choreographing a dance a week for the first 6 weeks, leaving extension activities for the 7th week.



This course is not limited to any particular style and many of these techniques originate from western dance practices which is ideal for fusion belly dancers.  These tools can be easily applied to all forms of dance and belly dance. Each new topic is broad enough for all dance styles and includes a special note for how to relate this choreographic element to belly dance. At the end of the day, you are the choreographer so you will base your movement on what works best for your style. This is also a great opportunity to try a different style and experiment. Have some fun and don’t be afraid to make mistakes, that is how we learn after all!


Leave Judgement at the Door:

There will be moments where you try something and you think “wow, that's awful”. That is normal and expected. Leave your judgement of yourself and others at the door. This class is a safe environment for experimentation and I will keep it that way. Mean or judgemental comments will not be allowed on the facebook group and let's all remember to be kind to each other.



Certificate Awarding Program

I am excited to be offering a certificate awarding program as part of this course.



- Submit each of your 6 completed choreographies from the course for review

- Submit 1 extension choreography

- Submit completed revision questions from each week

- Complete a zoom call with Jahanara Nemer where we will discuss your progress once the course is completed.


All materials must be submitted and completed by July  19th, 2020 for the May 2020 course. Zoom call must be completed by Aug 19th, 2020.


You will receive a certificate of completion for the Conquer Choreography Intensive and an announcement on social media.





“Nara has thoughtfully coordinated a complete, manageable and focused course. The participant is given multiple tools to build their choreographic muscle, while giving motivation and allowing the choreographer to be challenged. Each week focuses on a different theme so you can highlight one area of performance that you might not have given so much attention to otherwise. This was needed for someone like me who tends to get overwhelmed with the wide range of topics.” -Riksar, Singapore


Terms and Conditions


There are no payment plans and money must be paid in full before starting the course. Students can leave the course for a full refund up until 3 days after the course begins. After 3 days no refund will be made. The certificate awarding program is may also be cancelled up to this point for a full refund.

You are taking this course at your own risk and Tiger Claw Dance is not liable for any injuries caused by the course. Please do no exceed your limits and consult a doctor before making a change in exercise routine. Jahanara Nemer is not a medical professional and Tiger Claw Dance is not providing medical advice.


What to Expect

  • 7 weeks for intensive Choreography email based lessons

  • Access to private facebook group

  • Access to weekly live question and answer sessions

Conquer Choreography Intensive Course

Available by Donation for the May 4th session

Conquer Choreography Intensive Course and Certificate Awarding Program

  • 7 weeks for intensive Choreography email based lessons

  • Access to private facebook group

  • Access to weekly live question and answer sessions

  • Individual Analysis of choreographic assignments

  • 30 min skype call with Jahanara Nemer (£40 value)

  • limited spaces available

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